• Architectural Glass Manufacturer

    Architectural Glass Manufacturer
    Architectural Glass Manufacturer 

    Giovani Glass Specializes in Fabricating, Designing and Installing Architectural Glass Work for Architects,Designer,Project Managers,Contractors and Commercial and Residential Projects.
    Our Company offers unique,interactive and exciting products including : Laminated Glass Floor, Laminated Gradient Glass, Curtain Wall Glass, Custom size Glass Walls and Glass Doors, Architectural Glass Boxes,Cast Glass,Custom size Antique or Clear Mirrors,Glass Backsplashes,Back Painted Glass,Glass Doors,Glass Stair Cases,Glass Steps, Textured Glass, Sky Light Glass, Architectural Decorative Glass,Custom Laminated Glass,Glass Show Cases,Architectural Privacy Glass including Frosted Glass,Fogged Glass and Electric Switchable Glass, Low Iron Glass and More!
    All our Architectural Glass product are manufactured according to the Highest Standards,Ensuring that Architectural Glass Product are not only Beautiful but also Durable and Safe.

    Giovani Glass are one of the leading manufacturers of Exclusive Architectural Glass craftsman,highly controlled top quality from measuring to completion every individal project.

    Our Glass experts fabricates any possible designed Glass and our professional installers create very beautiful and remarkable results.

    At Giovani Glass Glass fabrication limits do not exist, we are a very creative and artistic manufacturer which includes many ways Laminated Glass-PVB,Poured Laminated Glass which allows us show many design details between glass,Transparent Laminated Glass,Translucent Laminated Glass and any Custom Laminated Glass for any Application or Project.

    We look forward to helping to companies or customers with our years earned professionalism and experience for any project with detailed information from measuring to Completion with Highest Results. Giovani Glass Highest Quality and Lead time highly controlling Manufacturer in New York City.
    Architectural Glass Materials: Any Type of Glass/Available
    Architectural Glass Thicknesses:1/16'' ,1/8'' ,1/4'' ,3/8'' ,1/2'' ,5/8'' ,3/4'' ,7/8'',1'' up to 2'' and more
    Architectural Glass Max.Size: 100'' x 144'' oversized Glass materials by special order
    Architectural Glass Colors or Type: Available
    Color or Design of Laminated Glass and Painted Glass: Available
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