• Cutting Glass – A job requires lots of skills.

    Cutting Glass – A job requires lots of skills.
    Cutting Glass – A job requires lots of skills.

    Glass as a substance is extremely strong, which is what makes it great for so many different surfaces and applications, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cut, altered and manipulated to fit different shapes, angles and designs as needed. With precision tools, practice and skill, glass can be cut to be installed into any desired design and spot. Good customer service is always sure from GIOVANI GLASS and you can buy it from us here in New York. This is one of the oldest in the market and they have a experience in their segment from a very long time. This is a very good place from where you can buy and also be sure of the quality.

    Glass cutting allows for the use of many panes instead of one large piece, increasing the strength by creating more support between the panes. A large piece of glass can be cut to fit the shape of a bar or kitchen island, easily allowing for the placement of a sink in the middle of a counter well simultaneously holding a continuous and polished look. Glass can even be cut to fit the shape of furniture, such as to decorate an entire dresser or protect the top of an antique desk.

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    We offer ideal glass & mirror cutting solutions for:
    • Glass shelves
    • Cabinet doors 
    • Laminated glass 
    • Table tops 
    • Enclosures 
    • Texture glass 
    • Shower doors 
    • Windows,panels 
    • Mirror's 

    GIOVANI GLASS offers innovative glass cutting solutions to create aesthetically beautiful and elegantdesigns and patterns. We provide quality cutting services for architectural and interior designs. We are proud to offer custom glass cutting solutions to cater to your design and architectural needs for yourresidential or commercial building.Whether you need tempered, laminated, iced, or plexiglass, GIOVANI GLASS can help you to fulfill your aesthetic or functional requirements. We can bring you careful craftsmanship, walking you through our varied glass cutting and glass fabrication options and bringing you the outcomes you cherish.
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